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Mundane topics of noninterest

I have a rather different routine than I have ever had before. Each late morning I get up, shower immediately, then go downstairs and make a cuppa Starbucks joe in the Kona coffee maker. While a bagel toasts, I read the N.Y.Times, specifically the front page articles and the editorials. The rest of the day I struggle to find something to do, which is hard, since I'm often not motivated. Struggle, at least, until my uncle stops working and/or my cousin gets back from school and we while away the evening talking on the porch about the economy, politics, or anything else. He'll be smoking and drinking some wine, and I'll have some kind of hot drink (recently it's been just nuked water - I seem to enjoy plain heated water). After everyone goes to sleep, I'll be up for a few hours, piddling away at the computer until 2am or 3am. Really, I've nailed quite a few of my requirements for success in life, though I must admit that the really important checks are still missing. But it's a nice routine, and I hope to keep it up once I get work.