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Like that thing that strains coffee grains

Terrible thing to waste. So many ideas, concepts drifting by, formless and suddenly clear and profound, only to dissolve into the holographic sea of the mind again. Never gone, but lost to all direct methods of retrieval; recall on site, regenerated in situ. Thills of discovery all that remain. Lost like a node without a pointer, but the buffer's already flushed. Still there, awaiting retrieval, but now is fluid - as easy to locate as a single ripple in a pond in autumn.

Oh how I wish I could remember all the cool things that make me think thoughout the day Hey I should post that on my LJ - maybe others would find it interesting too.

Worse to know that nothing is forgotten, but regenerating the thought process that birthed it for driving recall would take prohibitive mental alertness and stamina - such a hard burn a waste for something that isn't really gone.