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Worth the profane exclaimation

Picking up my car from the shop, one of the mechanics showed me what my rear brake discs looked like. Both halves. Of the same one.

Turns out, they had to break the rim off and then sand off the bolts to remove them. Looking at it, the corrosion from the IN road salt was so bad there was less than half of the normal braking area to work with. I saw it and swore - throw in the bad axel, and I had a real opportunity for disaster.

I still can't get to IN in time for Homecoming, but at least now my car's not a death trap.


Andrew, the world is shitting on you. Buy an umbrella.

Anyway, you should call the sports line during the show and we'll put you on the air. It'll be awesome. I'm really sorry that you can't come. You always made the show ten times more interesting and it's always good to see you. When you do get up here, make sure to drop by. I'll feed you.
I was really looking forward to being there, but the phone gag has also always been great fun. In the meanwhile, I'll see where my job applications lead me :)
What level of funding would be necessary to ensure your arrival?
This is a relevant query.
I replied to Guy, but I also want to say sorry for being confusing. I'd like to meet with the company you work for, and it was one of the plans for the trip, but this is just a little too pressing to fix. Perhaps in a couple weeks I'll have everything straightened out for a few days to do that.
I appreciate the interest, but the main problem is that I am in debt with my family I am staying with. This is so unacceptable to me that I need to spend the next few days finding temp work to pay them back. Fortunately, North Carolina is a substantially better place to be in the job market; heck, there are even temp jobs in labs here.

But I now don't feel I can spare the time to make the trip. All I need is fuel money, but my cash on hand is negative - and I can't let the people who are providing such great hospitality to me also loan me money. Shockingly, I have discovered this one last shred of pride despite my overall failings.

I hope in the next couple years I get a chance to meet up with y'all though.