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Meaningless fees

I finally tried to cash a check at the originating bank, as I have been told - repeatedly by bank tellers - that I can do this at no cost. Apparently, BB&T was going to charge me $5 for cashing a check from an account that was held there.

This is retarded from a consumer viewpoint, since the bank would certainly not charge the holder for getting the money out. Now, I have two forms of ID that the check was made out to me, and thus it is the account holder's will that I receive this money. I could understand the charge if I went to another bank, since there would be the risk of check fraud or transfer fees, but not at the home branch.

Now, if we look at the bank's perspective, the risk can't be qualified, since the account holder would be held to no higher burden of evidence than I. So I can only assume that they are simply going with the $5 charge for some quick exploitive money.

I'm having my aunt cash it tomorrow in exchange for a gallon of gas. I save a dollar, and she gets gas for going shopping. Everyone wins.


I was told by a bank teller the last time I had such an issue that it wasn't the bank that was required to pay the check, it was the person that wrote the check that was responsible for paying it. I found this idiotic. I suspect that they have caselaw to support them though.
You're likely right on. Even so, I don't remember ever being charged for someone else cashing a check, and this was a business check. Seems like a great way to lose customers in a rather competitive market.