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Scratch the previous post. I'll be heading back next week so I can attend Homecoming.

Thanks Guy.

EDIT: Then it's agreed. 004 Show on the Saturday after next. I'd suppose we'll just plan it on arrival.


We can, and should, schedule a 004 show reunion.
The 11 o'clock time slot is filled and I believe someone may be considering picking up the 10 to 11 slot as well. However, you may be able to convince Katie to give up her 11 slot for you. I dunno.
Actually, Katie may be at a wedding in Chicago that weekend...
Current DJs are ordered to be deferential to alumni during homecoming. Presumably we can thus use force of personality, guile, charm, and the threat of violence to secure our traditional portal to the greater world.
I'm sure that's all well and good, but I'll settle for just asking her if she's even planning on being in town that weekend. In fact, I have already done so and I await her reply. However, if she is around, I will simply ask her nicely if we can prevail upon her time slot. She is a very nice person and I will veto any threats of violence completely.
I suppose that would be the "charm" option.

Also, in a completely unrelated issue, I'd like to note that you replied to my message before the page finished loading for me.
She has replied indicating that she will, in fact, be out of town that weekend and she would love for us to cover her time slot. I also don't see a problem with getting the 10pm slot either. Phil (should, if he ever picks it up) have a key and Electric Eclectic will be going as normal at 8-10.
Thus, victory is ours.
For great justice.
We've already played Zero Wing Rhapsody as opener or closer (I forget which).
I think both, and I think the count's actually higher if we include all it's perversions.
I have a opening and closing songs.
Excellent. You shall presumably need to visit eventually.
Sure, I'll be up for that :)