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UPS and HDs

I've been doing a bit of research engineering on the side with a sensor design project. The cash it has made me will keep my car insured for the next four months, and I have fuel money to boot (two ways to darn near anywhere in the US).

Also, I ordered a new laptop HD. I'm way overdue, and the software on my laptop is expensive and useful enough to try to save. More than that, I want to put Ubuntu on it - but the blasted Windows partition is slightly mangled (like one of the root directories has a minor permissions problem or something); the problem is minor enough that it doesn't effect the workings of the computer, but bad enough no partitioner will resize it. So I got a 160gb hard drive from TigerDirect. I'm looking forward to it.

Two days ago I got a APC 750XL for $10 from the UNC surplus sale lot. Darn thing don't work, but I aim to make it. It's possible it's not busted; I took it apart and there are not clearly broken components. So it's either the batteries or the power here is not quite good enough. Not sure which. Worth the attempt though!