hcidivision17 (hcidivision17) wrote,

The zombie that just won't stay down

Uru Live is one of those experiments that seems to have the sweet spot of exactly enough fans and a small enough company that the fan base has some sort of effect on the direction of the game.

It also suffers from have exactly too small a fan base to be self-sustaining. Even so, it always seems to have enough people to start up again. This time it's the Restoration Experiment. Basically, it's going to throw the servers back up for a pittance.

More importantly, the level creation stuff will eventually be released. This is interesting for two reasons: 1) Age creation/content will eventually be crowdsourced. 2) The Age creation process is regulated by the double-reverse meta game mechanic of the D'ni Guilds. Bizarrely, the separation between in-game and real life terms is so blurred that the in-game story now drives the fan-based development process on this zombie game.

Suffice it to say, I am looking forward to see where this leads (and joining in).
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