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Having stepped out of the gamer loop - can anyone tell me if there is any multiplayer game in the works that actually incorporates time dilation and such?

So far, we've seen some pretty amazing gimmicky games with single player time control, but that's pretty straightforward (albeit cleverness goes a looooong way performance-wise). I've a few ideas on how to set up a multiplayer game mechanic that will either allow low-speed relativistic time dilation or time reversal.

Implementing them would be a really *interesting* challenge, but certainly possible. Will I be scooped?


I don't remember a multiplayer game like that, for good reason. Without being clever, you'd need to make all players that can interact be affected the same by time, which could get annoying.
Well, the general goal is just variable time implementation on multiplayer; good game design would follow, eventually, I hope.

As an example, one player goes into bullet time, dodges, and when he comes out, his clock is 'caught up' and then some (for the time passed in bullet time). The powers would all need to be used very strategically.

One idea I've been toying with is a sort of 'play-fun' fps. Remember goofing off, and someone is like "Bang! Bang! I got you!" and another's like "Nuh-uh! I dodged at the last second!" or something like that? Hit rewind quickly, and change history; now you did dodge the bullet. Of course, now you need to catch up (since you can only affect yourself), and hopefully you don't run into a trap the other player set when they saw your changes start fading out.

Physically, I've a couple ideas that take advantage of some fluid dynamics simulation methods, and I've a *cough* low speed special relativistic model that I think may work. More on that later, I suppose.
I've got a low speed relativistic model, myself, and it's accurate to within a hundredth of a second per second. ...wait, how low speed did you mean? Because I'm pretty sure I've got 0-100mph down pretty close. :)
I meant, set the speed of light to like, 100mph. Transform everything else accordingly.

But there are some punk fpsers who would prolly break the system even over a few extra hundredths of a second.