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I must have botched another interview over the phone. CREE apparently didn't want to go further, but they didn't bother to tell me. Why they couldn't just bounce the email to me, I can't comprehend, and I know I botched the interview since they were looking for someone with a stronger technical background.

Or something. They don't tell me why they won't even talk to me face to face, they ask me questions about tech that I had no idea was involved, and then they don't even contact me when they're uninterested - keeping my ever more worthless hopes up for days.

This is going to be a bad day I think. I feel sick already.

Edit: So I'm not technically proficient enough... Well, I'm not sure how to fix that problem. I truly did everything I could at Rose to NEVER have that thrown at my face, and the one question on the interview that probably did it was on how to homogenize an eximer laser; I guess that was thier benchmark on how much I knew about optics.


Where by 'sphere' I mean 'what ever the laser's beam profile is'
It seems a rather esoteric thing to expect a non-optics person to just know. Maybe you should be applying to places that are doing MEMS stuff?
God knows I'm trying. The laser thing really did come out of left field. The job was for LED testing design and a pile of other whatnot. Basically, he's like, "So you've had some optics? How do you homogenize a laser?"

And I was like... ummm, .

I suspect I only lost the job because I !@#$ed up the interview.