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Planning for the immediate future

Hi all. Here's what's coming up:
A) I need to write my final paper for work. That leads into part B.
B) From the 15th to the 22nd, I will be in New York. I will be returning by 1-ish, since my plane comes in at about noon.
C) I will be moving my stuff into 004 on that Monday. I will be prepacked, so I just need to haul the stuff there when I get in. Please do not move my stuff there only to gripe about how I didn't help. I bought my tickets before we were told the move-in date, I am not lazy.
D) The deck will likely need to be constructed asap. I would prefer to be there to help, since I still consider it my baby. I'm rather attached to it, and I like working. I, too, would like to have some say in the layout of the room, but I'm no longer terribly concerned about that, so long as I get an armoir and a quadrant's worth of useable contiguous area. If a more efficient design is desired, please email me over the week if it can't wait until the 22nd. Note too that I will not be working on any major projects until Tuesday - I will be plenty busy Monday, and the construction efforts need not be rushed.
E) The Patio is still on my itinerary, but there are a few caveats. The extra wood in storage is preferably reserved for it - Greg and I will use some for sound proofing first though. The patio is a pet project of mine - do not take that away from me. Please wait for my return and for my design layout for it. It will be done nicely and I plan to do an excellent job on it - such that we will not be asked to take it down. This is, to some extent, a stunt. If we need to take it away, the wood will have been essentially free, and the hardware to make it should amount to little more than 50 dollars. Do not contact the school first, I would hate to have it shot down before the patio is built. I enjoy having a big building project before school starts each year, and the quality of my work is improving each time (my dad instilled some useful skills, especially how to make arbitrary things out of wood - my favorite is the ferris wheel he made for me when I was three :)
F) Note that while my summer lab work is officially over, I still have work I would like to follow up on and continue. While beginning-of-the-year room concerns are important, I have other responsibilities as well. Keep this in mind.

Questions, comments, or suggestions are welcome, and I will accomidate everyone as best I can. This school year should start off smoothly. Thanks Greg for reminding me to plan for this. I wish all have had a good vacation and plan to resume the school year with renewed blind enthusiasm and The 004 Show's typical dry wit!


Edit: I seem to have not bothered to unpack very much, so I figure I'll just wing it when I get back. I'm tired and have a long day ahead of me. Sleep well, friends.