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Breaking the fourth wall

I've noticed that there are differing purposes to our LJ pages. I especially like Jed's since it's written like poetry, reads like prose, and sounds just like Jed. I keep mine up to date to tell multiple people the same story/rants/observations so I only need to speak my thoughts once. Imani's is a nice dose of normal - though that may only reflect on how off norm I've gotten.

On that topic, I think almost every interesting person I know is going insane. Note not is insane, but going so. It's a take off the philosophy that the travels are more important than the destination. I doubt any of us will ever actually go insane, but we're working our way there. Ironically, one of the strongest signals of this is our ever increasing lucidity of our perspective of reality. We seem odd since few ever give serious thought to the inconsistencies faced by us daily.

Speaking of lucidity, I'm so tired I think my train of thoughts are disintigrating and dissolving. Incoherant thought is the first sign of sleepyhood.