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One more job to be hopeful about

I just had an interview with CREE (makers of LEDs and stuff related to it), and - as usual - I am unsure if the interview went well.

It's possible it went very well, but I have little basis to make such an assumption - likewise for the other direction. So I'll just have to wait.

Which is already killing me, since this job is one of the few jobs I've found where I can effectively and competently fill a niche in a fantastically growing field.

So, if this is the best of all possible worlds, I'll get an on-site interview. If not, well... I guess it's merely reality, and I'll add another tick mark to my great-job-opportunities-that-didn't-give-me-a-chance list.


I was told to ask you if/when you might be able to come down to Bloomington for an informal lunch/interview.
That's cool! I'm not sure yet when I'm getting back to Terre Haute, though. I sorta plan on being back before the 1st of September, barring life-changing events. Will that be too late? If not, what's the approximate time table they're working on?
None, it seems like. We have a decent number of people/projects at the moment, they're just ear to the ground looking for more talent. Let me know when you have a better idea of when you'll be available.
Will do!