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Here's a minor update: I'm in North Carolina staying with some family. It's great - they have two dogs and are themselves awesome to boot; I've been watching the Olympics with my cousins, and it has been a hoot In the meanwhiles, I have applied to a few jobs that I really am well qualified for, and I"m hoping that I just have not heard back because the world's not in a habit of responding to me.

I am a little unsure how long I am staying here, but I have enough money for fuel back to Terre Haute. All I need to work out is my car insurance bill coming up.


Check your gmail. I think you might be a good fit for the company I'm working for.
What does your company do anyway?
I would like to know this as well, actually.
We do software and electrical engineering contracts for The Man. Mostly the navy. Mostly subcontracted from Crane, where Curtis and Big Mike work. Mostly on radar stuff.

We do a lot of other odds and ends too. I'm working on a project that integrates biometric authentication into webapps.