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To good days

Work took a little longer, but for a 10 1/2 hour shift, I'm pretty happy. That'll take care of gas for a little while (considering I got to work on fumes). On the way back, I stopped at a gas station, pulled all the money out of my pocket and said, "Three dollars on five, please." Suffice it to say, I think I won, but didn't break even.

I also got a call back from NCSSM. Hopefully, I'll be able to wrangle an interview for the SLI position. More on that as it develops.

Tuesday I had an interview with a Metal Stamping company that is far more sophisticated than it's name lets on. No idea if I will get a second interview though - I come off as too much a theory guy, instead of a git-r-done guy. The pay will no doubt rock, but the hours are long, my weekends are up in the air, and I'll need to drive for 2.5 hours every day to get there.

Secretly, I'm rooting for the NCSSM one, but it's hard to turn down shovelfuls of cash.


Why not get an apartment if you have to drive 2.5 hours every day? The lost sleep doesn't seem worth it.