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'Grandpa, can I try to get it to work?'

I got to live one of my childhood dreams and got to take apart the grandfather clock here.  My grandfather's passing has, among other things, meant that repairs around the home could commence full force (noone wanted to do all that stuff while he was here - no reason to make him feel even more lousy and weak).  Anyhow, the clock has not run for a very long time, and the getting it going was easy.... 'cept the chains fell off.  So I got to dismantle it to put them back on - and now it is ticking away.  Most of all, noone seemed to worried about me messing with it, which is nice; handling delicate machines is something that I'm actually very good at (yes, I can be extremely careful - I just don't practice it all the time to avoid OCD).  The clock is a lovely machine, and someday I hope I will get to build one from scratch.

I just saw The Producers, and it was great.  Comedy gold.

Also of note, I had some coke & rum and some of the fantastic east-coast pizza here.

Wednesday afternoon will be my return time to the Haute.  I look forward to spending a few more days here; I haven't felt this clear headed in a long time.


Hey, I mentioned you were going to be in Indy and Brandt wanted to come along for dinner when you get back.

Do you have a car at the airport, or do you need a ride to/from someplace when we go to eat?
My car is in TH, so I would need a ride, sadly. The good news is, anyone who gives me a ride will get gas and my gratitude!
Hmmm. What time do you get in?
I will be arriving in indy around 4:30.
Okay. And I'm assuming, of course, that you'll need a ride back to the Haute afterward, and not just to get food, yes?

A ride back would be appreciated - it'd solve a problem I have not gotten around to yet :)
XD Somehow I'm not surprised. :-) I am 99% sure I can do that for you, but I should check with Jess just to make sure I don't have anything in particular going on that I'm forgetting about...