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Quick update:

Sunday I was called into NJ, and Monday I jumped on a flight.  I missed my grandfather's death by just a couple hours.  He died well though, with a number of close family members nearby and without pain.  Very peaceful.  Today is the wake, and tomorrow is the funeral.  I'm actually looking forward to it, since I have not seen any of my younger cousins in a long while.

I still feel lousy most of the time for my financial situation, and missing a week of work is depressing, especially since I just started getting manual labor work.

On the other hand, I have hand plenty of time to think while here, and I am pleased to say that I have had some fruitful progeress on some ideas.  The trick, of course, is developing an experiment for them, but that's something else I will worry about.

Chaos is a very cool book, though it is almost entirely review; nonetheless, the history is fascinating.  Once again I feel like I was born a generation or two too late.  I'm not sure how I can really contribute to the current realm of science without pigeon-holing myself.

Finally, Wall*e is wonderful.  Just lovely.