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I failed to be considered for the forklift operator position because I failed the behavioral test.  Most likely, it is because I was honest;  in fact, what I am doing right now is prolly part of the reason I got flagged.

So what am I supposed to do?  I waited for a call for work from LaborReady that never came, and I don't have even a crappy job, because I don't normally work crappy jobs.  I *think* that the whole world is against me, which is a really wierd since I'm pretty sure I don't matter that much.


That's terrible... :-/

You're so awesome people should be begging to have you.

Hold out hope. Something will come along soon. If things work out right, perhaps sooner than you think.
I'm sure it will. It's just the time is killing me. I really hate being idle this long.
What sort of behavioral test do they do for being a forklift operator?
While it included some background questions, it also included questions like, "Do you enjoy helping your coworkers?" (strongly Agree, Slightly Agree, etc.)
"How do you enjoy routine and repetative work?" (More than life itself, a lot, not much at all, burning hatred)

Stuff like that. The problem is that I don't respond to any single situation exactly the same as another, and they never gave an option that would allow you to NOT gossip with your coworkers and alert your boss about a problem. So I imagine they think I'm a noisy trouble maker.

Ticks me off since I usually do whatever I can to ensure things run smoothly, including the people.
Oh, and I'm not allowed to discuss the test.
we should find all the rose graduates in our positions and start up some company. or other people too.
We could actually build a pretty good think tank with the bunch of us. We'd have all the bases covered - the downside is that we'd have no network to speak of, and thus no clients.

But I'd had hopes of something like that. Not any real expectation, just a sort of wouldn't-that-be-cool thing.