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What do you mean, 'Have I ever worked?'

I just got back from applying for a forklift operator position at Westaff. Despite my hopes, they asked to see my resume, which I showed them. The clerk looked through it, and then asked me if I had ever worked before...

This puzzled me. I mean, my resume has my work history right there on it.

So I asked for her to tell me what she meant by that. She meant did I ever do work and got paid for it. I said I got paid for all of it - they were my jobs. Some were part time, and some I worked full time for a few months when the opportunity arose. Probably, that is now cleared up.

But there was the question, and I can't help how many other people look at my resume and don't realize that I got paid $20/hr at my previous two places, and I got $10/hr for almost all the work I did at Rose-Hulman as a lab tech.

Holy crap, no wonder people don't think I have any experience; now I've got to find out if some of my other jobs applications were screwed up because of this.


if you need some help resume spot checking, a second pair of eyes never hurts, andrew..
Thanks, but I think my fears are actually unwarranted. I've had a lot of people look at it, and I even got a response from a Manpower guy about it. Seems that I'm just unemployable.
I'm currently crashing (in ultra-slow motion) at a friend's place in Terre Haute. As things are going, I will probably be here in August. But then, I've had a hard time looking more than a few weeks forward.

And I'm sure I'll get hired eventually, but it's looking like it will be closer to serendipity than any real merit on my part.