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Beating Beyond Good & Evil, I am left thinking about Loom.



Loom. Believe me here; play on easy mode. "Hard" is Loom-speak for "let's give you the same puzzle, but you can only control the game with your chin." Seriously, unless you have perfect pitch and memory, pick easy. Did you enjoy Myst's rocket puzzle? No one did.
Heh, you clearly don't know my gaming history. Loom's an old friend of mine, like Monkey Island. I miss games like that, though I imagine I would play through them too fast these days. (And no, I don't remember if I played on hard mode; back then I may not have held to my beat-it-once-on-hard philosophy.)

Oddly, I did enjoy the Myst piano puzzle. It's not very hard once you realize that the slider steps through the notes the same as the piano; just get one close, and get all the others in the right relative positions and slide the whole set up and down 'till it clicks. The Selenic Age tram puzzle though, that was too much for me then :P

As for Loom, I meant BG&E left me a feeling I haven't felt since Loom, and come to think of it, maybe even The Dig. The whole style of gameplay is different, but somehow there's something different. Maybe it's that the interface mechanics were so simple and transparent, and made me nostalgic for the good ol' point and click games. Loom's fancy-pants gimmick was simple, and while I am darn near tone-deaf, remembering the songs was about as hard as playing the Ocarina.

Hmmm, I'm done rambling like an old geezer now. Still not sure what it was about BG&E that made me think of Loom; closer, but still missing it...