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Did I forget to mention that Sony was not interested in my application? They were looking for a person with ~2yrs experience in sputter coating technology. They would also help in the process efficiency, needing ... blah blah blah. Y'all know at least vaguely what my resume says; this was it, minus some injection molding stuff that I have a passing acquaintance with. Oddly, it's not a theory position, but a 'hands-on' position, so it would seem like I would be a perfect match.

So. My degree seems to be worthless, or worse. It has shut the door on my employability in virtually everywhere I have tried to get work. From this point forward, I have nothing left to lose.

And so I'm going to visit the DADC and ask what more I need to be considered for the job. And then I will learn it. Otherwise, things are kinda fubar'd for me.