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Because explosions are fun, that's why

I just got done with a WoW event of my own making. It was pointless, and partly spontaneous.

WoW is a grind, noone will deny this. Thus M.A.S.H. style stupid crap is called for. For the last week, I set up a mild shortage of many materials, and sorta set my toon making parts like a screensaver. Come today, my guild (now the end game Prime Evil - the lvl 70 Lesser Evil guild) helped me capture a contested point, and for a half hour me and about 40 others launched rockets and fireworks on the corpses of the dead Alliance. It took almost an hour to pry Halaa from their T6 death grip (it took a full raid to get it). By the way - priest tank FTW (I held the final guard in the center - stupid thing). Apparently, on Baelgun, the alliance hate fun and merriment. And puppies.

It was expensive and equally shiney. I met up with Heather from RHIT, and while I thought I was going to run out of rocket works, I ended up spending the whole time giving them out. Veterans and children alike rejoiced in the simulated light show! Pictures once I find them.

Now to get the turbo kit for my flyer. 5000g + parts and labor (mine, of course). Oh, and the hula girl - that's what makes it go zoom!


<-- Heather from RHIT

Explosions were totally fun. :D And better when we can smash the alliance in the process.

<.< So I was googling for information on Prime Evil -- and this was the first page that pops up.
Y'all have a site anywhere yet? :D

Edited at 2008-06-04 03:58 pm (UTC)
I don't think Prime Evil has a site yet. There are only a couple of us, and our ranks are in a bit of a state of flux.