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All the promo I'll need



I'm a bit worried about this one... it's a "reimagining," which can either go quite well (The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest) or Dresden-bombing bad (Loonatics Unleashed).

(Am I the only one who thought Jessie Bannon was hot? Yes? Okay, never mind, I was joking.)

Time for to search the archives

I'll need to dredge up the concept art pages I linked to a year ago. None of the ideas were bad, but it will be something very different. There seems to be a strong concern not to screw up the franchise, given the extremely open rating and commenting process used when they were still working on a new direction. Now, whether all that input will be used to good effect - well, that'll be something interesting to see.

But it will be 'fresh', and I largely liked the new takes on the old idea.