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In case anyone forgot, the cut scene in KH2 just before we fight with everyone after the Tron level - it's freaking brilliant. Ever more I am terrified that KH3 will be unable to live up to the sheer awesome of 2.

In other news, I went to Kelly Services, which is a temp agency; I have an appointment tomorrow. I really hope they get me some kind of work (most likely factory/assembly line labor). It kills me that I got a degree that makes me capable of working in any field, and all it has done is ensure I get hired by none; and the degree itself overqualifies me for just regular day jobs. It'd be funny if it weren't so damn terrible.

There is one little bit of hope though. In TH there are two job openings which require high speed sputter coating processes, as well as design, process, and injection molding expertise. No doubt it has to do with Sony expanding the DADC here, and I'll be damned if I don't get an interview for that position. No really - I'd basically be screwed. Without a real engineering job - let alone any job - I will start to default on my school loans. The two positions are practically a run down of my resume, so not getting at least a response would be a personal insult, and I don't think my ego take take another hit.

The congregation here keeps me going though. They are good people, and have helped me immensely. I really appreciate hanging out at the bar, and I've learned a lot about beer (last Wednesday I went to a beer tasting and met a rather cool brewmaster). In a way, I am glad I've had to go through this, as I can now understand a certain despair that I know so many people must feel. Heh, I was feelin' pretty good when Kelly Services made the appointment with me, and it'll be for a day-labor job for like $9/hr that I haven't actually gotten yet. All I could think was how much I was looking forward to getting a new pair of shoes and a belt so my suit would look good at the convention this weekend; that and fuel to get there.

Man, I never thought I'd be here.


I know the feeling about the jobs
I have to start paying off my loans now, and unless I find a real job very soon I will be back to eating 13 cent ramen again

also, working at a book store sucks
Maddening, innit?