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I'm fascinated by how almost close I can get to completely converting over to Linux. I mean, WINE's rather good at what it does, and yet, it's sort of got this diabolical willingness to go ahead and fail, like C with


It'll run, but it may not behave quite as planned. Right now I'm trying to see if I can convince Steam if I may play Portal. There's been some progress, of a sort. I've already convinced it to uninstall everything, including my Portal save games; actually, all I wanted to do was reinstall steam to my ext2 partition, but it misinterpreted 'remove Steam' to 'delete everything'. Normally this would make me insanely mad, but I look forward to needing to beat Portal again. Silly that.

WoW works perfectly well, aside from the asinine manner in which it can't resize the OpenGL viewport to anything less than 3520x1200, or it dies. Well, it dies anyhow, but less so.

I'm actually enjoying the problem, as it gives something for my starved mind to do.