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Just to touch base:

I've seen two movies recently:
Reign Over Me - I didn't find this movie depressing in the least. I know why too, but I'll not go on about that unless I need to. But I did love the film; all the characters behaved naturally, if not rationally.
Pursuit of Happyness - Simply excellent. And know I could never do what was in the film. Today I still don't understand how to build wide social networks, it's simply not the way I've optimized the way I interact with people.

No job offers. Probably it's because of applying to newly posted jobs, not soon to be expired postings. But I also suspect that I am somewhat unemployable; sure I could work at any of the places I've applied to, but of course someone not me could, too - and they outnumber me n to 1.

I can't figure out where to start with my inverse many-worlds theory. The greatest challenge is dealing with time, reinterpreting it so that it is present-centric. That, and I still don't fully understand the implications of it with respect to uncertainty; it seems to imply that while changing time is possible, it is hard and slow (requiring many iterations). At least it's something to think about in my unnerving downtime.