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This is not a B5 ship.

Someone ripped someone off - or this is an archetypal design. Since I never saw 2010, I'll have to trust my biases and assume Clarke stole the idea from B5.


It looks like a primitive version of the B5 earth ships. Mostly because of the rotating section (which is archetypal) and the big fins (which are more of a B5 staple.
What I'm curious about is whether it is a primitive version of the B5 ships. I'll need to see 2010 to figure out where the ship would have to lie in the timeline of the B5 universe. Likely, this design is merely one of the better ways to build ships, but it'd be cool if there was a plot reason B5 ships look so much like the 2010 ship.
Ignoring the fact that 2010 came out before B5 and that Clarke invented everything ever (seriously, the man invented geosynchronous satellites), the design makes sense. Rotating section to provide gravity, with essential systems in convenient and simple weightlessness.
I glad you got the irony from the links :P

What astonished me most is not so much that the ship employs rotating sections, as the stylistic geometry is so similar. Specifically, it's that the rotating section tapers off very similarly in both.

I suspect that there is a refined ideal hidden in that design. Even so, it's probably far more likely that the B5 creators merely saw it and said, "These guys knew what they were doing, let's do that."