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Well, that's done. My toon cannot be (reasonably) improved without doing raids and heroic dungeons. And fishing... there's always room for more fishing.

I am soooo close to beating WoW ...



Are the PvP items upgrades? Specifically the neck, but the others may also be...

Heroics are really in the same class as the nonheroic 5 mans in terms of how often they are run and how easy it is to get a group. You should be able to do them without trouble.

And starting heroics opens up all the heroic gear and badge gear. Now you've got a lot of new goals :)

Re: Upgrades

The PvP stuff is an upgrade, but not worth the trouble, to me. I'll look into the neck piece though.

Really, I only need Ramparts for Thrallmar rep, then I can get my Powerheal 4000 Lens enchanted.

Otherwise, I will now sit back and play for kicks :)