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I think police officer depositions are the most annoying

If you ever find yourself giving any kind of testimony, please be courteous to remember one thing:

More words does not equal more precise.

Also, don't say 'you know'. Darn near by definition of circumstance, we are not allowed to 'you know' what you know. That's for you to explain. It NEVER clears up any confusion.



Let me know if you find any depositions on four-dimensional underpants.

Are you coming to Wolf next Wednesday?
Possibly. I will be going in today to drop off some deposition materials.
Are you on jury duty too?! :D
Not exactly - I'm reading/summarizing depositions for Wolf Technical Services.

So these people talk for a few hundred pages nailing out information, and they are not terribly concise about it. The more layman a person is, the easier it is to extract meaningful accident scenario information.

And this police officer? He knows the game too well. Ugh.