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Ding 70


You did not respond to my invitation to dinner. I can only assume that you no longer require the consumption of food. From this conclusion, it becomes obvious that in the time since I last saw you, you became ZOMBIE ANDREW and must now be hunted down and destroyed. This makes me sad.
I really thought I did reply to that.

What time/place who shall be there?
I could do it this Friday evening and attendance would be whoever sticks around that Friday instead of bolting for home on vacation. I may be able to convince Phil to stick around and I can ask Tom, too. Also, whoever reads this and can/wants to come would probably be welcome, too. Bring a friend? My cooking is not extraordinary, but it is generally considered edible and if there are lots of people, I can make cheesecake. :)
I need to make sure that Friday is not b-movie night (I think it's Sat.), but otherwise that sounds good. Thanks!
Phil wants to know if you can do Wednesday instead.
Wednesday would work better for me, as well.
Sounds good!