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Go see the TV show Bones. It's brilliant and believable. Take CSI, make it into hard-scifi, and make it clever (almost Whedonesque). Most of all, I find the characters actually believable, which is astonishing considering what two of the characters did to survive in the episode "Aliens in a Spaceship" (no, there are no aliens).

My only beef is that they have a holo-projector. But my qualm is the speed they can make animations, not the machine itself - since it can (and apparently does) actually exist.


I love Bones! I've watched every single episode since I quit teaching. :-) I love that the science is actually understandable to me -- I recognize the equipment, even! *laugh*

I'm doing the same thing while I look for work; the stress is manageable with a great show to fall back on.

And yeah - recognizing equipment and jargon is like the coolest/geekiest perk to being an engineer!
I've seen every episode. It's awesome. I love the Hodgens backstory, and how he like... owns the world.
I laughed, and he is now my benchmark for 'eccentric' - he's rich and wondrously quirky.
He doesn't need range when he has "hot". :p
I don't mind actors like Boreanaz. He plays a certain character, and he plays it well. I especially like to watch that persona, so the lack of variety doesn't usually bother me.

As for how fast Angela does things, I think that a sufficiently specialized and myopic person could be that fast; she's almost a savant - more than Ausbergers, less than Autistic.

Also, the team makes a huge difference, and is part of the reason I find the show acceptable. When one finds a groove with a bunch of brilliant people, it's freaking amazing the incredible intuitive leaps a person can reliably make.