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Oh crap, things don't always go as planned...


What happened?
It seems that I am actually in the market for a job, and as a result life will be extremely stressful while I try to find a company that can use a person like me. It's not that I'm too proud to work in a job that's beneath me, it's that there really isn't much need for critical thinkers.

In the mean time, I'll prolly be working a lot just to keep the creditors off my back. That's the 'oh crap' part. My plans had me working as a research engineer by the end of this week. But they decided to fill my spot in the interim. Ah well. TH's not the best place to be unemployed.
Are you in Terre Haute?
You should come over for dinner! I will make tasty foods! We can watch a movie or something, too.
Oh crap! WTF?
I really wish that was how I felt - but I'm not terribly worried. Just a bit nervous.

... Which means I'm in full-on damage containment mode and the situation's pretty bad. The way I figure it, there's got to be somewhere I can work, but I'll need at least two more months to actually start the job. So I've just got to work part-time until then. Well, a couple part-times :)
I'd bet Rose career services can help you out.

Also, on a different note, if you're in the Haute, you should stop by some time. :-)
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