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WoW Epoch Two - All I need now is a figurine of my character to seal my fate

In the next week or so, I will have completed what I am going to call Epoch Two of WoW. This involves getting my epic ground mount and hitting level 70.

Epoch One was hitting level 40 and getting the perks associated with that level (mount, shadowform, shinies, etc.) I'm not sure how or even if I will pursue Epoch Three - epic flying mount and Tier 3 priest healing gear. World of Warcraft is an excellent game, one perfect for mid- to hard-core gamers. Even when you hit 70, there is still much left to do, and surprisingly fun challenges to overcome. Raid bosses are fascinating to me, and for that reason I know I'll keep playing. And it's a surprisingly deep and unbefreakingly huge game world.

Anyhow, I look forward to staying at my friend's, since I will be able to catch up on Wii games (Mario for starters), and perhaps hammer out some PS2 gaming, too (no, I will not play FFXII). After all, man cannot game on WoW alone.

On that note, I've been hankering to play the PS3 Ratchet and Clank game; I'll do that if end up making as much money as I think I will.


Addendum: The darn pansy allues took Halaa when the server reset. I knew they were gonna do it. Now I need to organize a raid so I can get my mount (I decided to grind for a rather difficult to get one, for comp7331ness sake).
Not allues - 'allies'. Sorry, mistype.
So what are your plans for the long-term?
Well, I got my dark war talbuk, and I've stocked up on a metric crap-ton of fireworks and rockets, so I'll probably focus on getting my Powerheal 4000 goggles. That's a long-term goal thanks to the Primal Nether trick Blizzard pulled. Very long term is to get my D3 gear and start raiding. Oh, and I'm obliged to pretend I'll try to get my epic flying mount (which is complete with hula bobble girl on the dashboard!)

Now, if you meant real life, I have none. So long as my expenses are fairly steady-state and my income is adequate, I'm just going to mellow for a while. Read books and whatnot. There are a lot of serious questions that I need resolved, and I can't hope to answer them if I need to worry about the future. So I'm putting off ambition till I make some progress on them.
Got a date for heading up here? It is the first week of Feb., after all.
I don't set dates for road trips - I prefer to have the flexibility to mosey if I like. Prolly Friday morning or so, though.

Epoch 3

Have you seen a lot of people doing Naxxramas for tier 3? I haven't had much luck talking anyone into going back there since the expansion came out.

Re: Epoch 3

BRD is the same way for me - all I want is to get the repairbot schematics, but noone I know is quite in the level range needed.

So I'm game. I've never done Naxx, and I think it drops two of the healer gear I plan on getting anyhow.

Re: Epoch 3

I'll amend that with - no I never see anyone looking to get into a Naxx group.