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I was struck by a shoutbox I saw today, mostly how typical the content is. The first response I had was that the responses are highly mechanical, followed quickly by "I have no mouth and I must scream". I'm rather troubled and confused by turquiosemojo, as the responses don't really seem to make much sense in either direction. Clearly, the box is static, or at least a running buffer, and so the previous responses should be there. I'd like to chalk it up to impatience, but who listens to a six year old shouting for attention? I thought we taught kids that didn't work.

This is a quick synopsis of the conversation, followed by the actual conversation:

Ping... Ping? PING! .... Pong. PING!!!! *loud farting noise* *possibly diarrhea*
*everyone looks aways*
*pooter points at poot*

sexiass: hello
aclon: ne1 here now?
aclon: hey
dcBear: hi
turquoisemojo: hi
turquoisemojo: ne1 der?
Archbob: yo, whats up?
turquoisemojo: helloz?
jstoltz13: ok im leaving
jstoltz13: penises
jstoltz13: i hate you guys!!!!!
jstoltz13: listen to me!!!
jstoltz13: hey!!
jstoltz13: i just called you guys a penis dont you care?
jstoltz13: you guys are penises

I'm pretty sure most of the communication advances we have can be replaced by algorithmic noise and leave society unaffected; of course, then we'd have millions of people dying to be actively useless.

Or people are far more dangerously lonely than I thought, and 1984 has actually already in full force.