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A pretty good day

This morning, I made my third mix CD, and it's much better than my second and even first. The music is diverse, easily fun to drive to, and passed the albeit arbitrary requirement that songs typically end when I arrive at my destination.

This afternoon, I had a presentation where I needed to convince a conference room full of skeptical academics that an unconventional solution to a horrendously difficult problem was ideal. And bizarrely George, Joe and I seemed to have succeeded! The people at ARRI may even pursue a contract for it - and I see little reason why the DoD wouldn't jump on it.

Finally, Joe brought a little cheap RC copter to work (~$15). It was immensely fun - crashing it never got old, and it recharged very fast. George and I went to Fry's and got two copter twin packs for dueling on monday (~$20/ea.).

Good times :)