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@!$# you debian, @!$# you up your stupid &%#

I'm beyond words or even action for how angry I am with debian. After this previous update - after not using kubuntu for some time, I am now at the console trying to get X to start using the nVidia drivers.

When I logged in earlier this last night, I had a perfectly smooth working dual monitor setup with Compiz-Fusion. I could run the TV tuner and WoW at the same time. Everything was perfect.

Now 'something' is wrong, and all I have to go by are a trail of bread crumbs that circle the epicenter of what ever the hell changed. Personally, I think X updated and switched to open source drivers, but since getting it to load the proprietary drivers seems to be nigh impossible (the @#%&ing toggle is greyed out), I'm just going to reinstall Kubuntu. Also, xorg.conf seems to be perfectly fine, though now the splash screen covers both monitors instead of just one - which OUGHT to be an improvement, if it weren't indicative of some arcane reinterpretation of the monitor setup; something too subtle for me to see at the moment.

I would also like to note that EVERY time I have had trouble, it has started with an update.

Screw you debian. I don't know how you do it, but you always find the most horrible ways to ruin everything I try to do.


I have totally been there. It burns.