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This will only take a minute...honest

I came across an interesting bit of reasoning the other day that got me reasoning, so bear with me, as it's rather short, I a will leave the details as an exercise to the readers.

So there's a bit of reasoning that if there is a possibility of god existing in a possible universe, God must exist in the multiverse (collection of all possible orientations of a universe). In other words, if god can exist, God must in all reference frames. Think about it, since there are underlying assumptions about the qualifications of God that make this substantially less silly than it sounds (these same assumptions about god/God are used in constructing the next statement.)

There's the counterpoint, dubbed as a super-atheist standpoint, wherein one thusly claims that God (and through the previous reasoning god) cannot exist. It really is a mutually exclusive idea.

And then there's the idea I had while in the shower, namely that there's a third choice, wherein both statements are trivially true. This case would imply that the multiverse falls under Godel's incompleteness theorem, maintaining an existence that is perfectly logical and thus is subject to (or contains) a self-inconsistency in its own existence (symbology) that is provable through it's own internal metalogic.

And I swear I did not make those words up, and I didn't even stretch their meaning. Given the totality of possibility that is encompassed by higher dimensional universe ideals, I am led to assume the third choice is the most likely to be True.

And I'm not really sure where that leads me.


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