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Pudding cups are good. I am becoming a simulationist. And I now have a lvl 6061 Priest on WoW.

Not really sure where that leaves me in life, but I'm worried that I can't come up with a decent use for the Wiimote. Sure there's a ton of cool things, but what would be useful everyday?


Create a receiver circuit on an FPGA of some sort so that you can turn on and off all of the lights and appliances in your apartment with different Wiimote movements. Like a smart home, except with gesticulations instead of computer screens.

Unless you're Italian. Then you'd have to worry about accidentally turning your house into that Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas beer commercial every time you had a conversation. :-)
Best thing to ever worry about, period.
I'm more of a narrativist, myself. Simulationism is too absent of authorial control. Unless that's not what you meant.
I meant in the physics sense.