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I've been toying with a Wiimote, and now my computer trills/beeps occasionally. No idea why, really.

On the other hand, the guys at Wolf will go ga-ga over the whiteboard tool when I show it to them. We're certainly getting a lot of kicks out of it at ARRI!


Whiteboard tool? Do tell. Also, the buglabs main block is $300, but I still want to do development on it. I'd be willing to go halfsies if you're moving back to Indiana and will be about an hour away.
Right! So check out the amazingly simple hacks by Johnny Chung Lee. They work; we've tooled with it, and the other guys in the lab are working on a really nice homebrewed pen design (I helped with the circuit - more on that later).

As for the BugLabs thingy, I'd like to get in on that, but it'll be a couple months before I can really get into it. I have two programming projects queued up first; hopefully I'll be done by the time I get to IN.
Two months works for me. I need to gird myself against the cost.