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Some of the user created maps for Portal are absolutely excellent. I just did the Remmiz Chamber 1 one and it was superb. Well paced, interesting puzzles - but not too difficult - and no gorram twitch sniping with the gun. I just don't like timed puzzles (I certainly didn't complete Challenge Chamber 18's final set in one string of jumps).

Sadly, I caught myself thinking "... Now how do I get up there? There's a ceiling and floor to shoot. No, there's not enough time for an infinite loop... Maybe if I..."


I highly recommend searching for a map called Sidewinder. It throws several creative twists at you, and there's no twitching. It does require some lateral thinking, though...
I did that one immediately after posting, and I enjoyed it a lot. I'd like to make a map, but I just don't have the time now.

There is one gameplay mechanic I do not like at all, though, and that is setting two different height portals next to each other and sidestepping downhill to gain height. It's very difficult to perform, requiring very precise alignment and movement. Logic Chambers depends on it, and I fear the last (next-to-last?) room of Remmiz Chamber 2 may need it (though I hope not).