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So in case anyone wants to know why I never really, fully dove into Linux before, it's because the #$^&ing @$#^^& @#%&@*$%* package @#$%^er breaks every @#$%^& #$%ing time. How the heck can debhelper become broken? And why does it NEED the CD? I got the freaking package right HERE! I swear it's like installing windows, except it's just one stupid dependancy. It's right up there when bin-tools kept breaking, some freaking how.

Holy crap no wonder people are turned off by this crap. All I set out to do was get sound in Firefox. How can that manage to bring the freaking package handler to its knees - sometimes?

EDIT 2 minutes later: So by reburning the CD (the DVD certainly wasn't working) and inserting and retrieving the disc a few rimes, the package handler finally accepted the CD and managed to install the package without breaking at the last moment. I installed the flash sound fix debian package,,,, and it didn't work. Every program but Firefox - EVEN WoW.exe has sound (though it stutters occasionally), Something's always got to be broken.

EDIT yet 2 minutes more: No wait, Wine broke again. I can't figure out for the life of me why the sound support sucks so much. Supposedly, Gutsy has this all set. Damn if I can find the tool to reset it all, though.

5 minutes more: FF works, Wine is still broke. Damn.

2 minutes later: So apparently whining on LJ works... Wowowwwwwwwoowwwwww i-i-i-i-sssss noww w w w stutterring, well, worse than before. Which is sadly a major improvement over before...


*pats on back*

Think of it this way: at least it isn't Vista.

Not much consolation, I know.