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As close to a decision as I'll ever make

After quite a bit of consideration, I have concluded that I am in grad school for all the wrong reasons and need to get out. Interestingly, I have this spiffy degree to fall back on; try to imagine how odd it feels to soon be a drop-out with a degree in Engineering Physics. School loans reset the deferment clock up to the moment I leave half-time class work, it seems, so I've at least 6 months to get a job, possibly starting in January. In the meantime I have some unfinished work to do for Wolf, who I have to say again are awesome people.

So I think I will walk away largely unscathed. Granted, having two Fails show up on my graduate record is not too great, but given there are only two classes, meh. Without the MS, the BS should be all that matters.


You definitely need to come work for Wolf, amigo! Or at least apply. :-P

Y'know, they might not be able to accept you, cause we have a waiting list like a zillion miles long and a stack of resumes a mile high.


Something tells me you might have an advantage, though.