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When we saw the sputtering system running at a respectable power at the end of the day, we decided that the MEMS website and pictures are garbage compared to what we see fairly often. I mean, the NiTi target had a near columnar beam that was a striking cyan with a violet core. When we hooked up the RF power, it looked like a flashlight. It was beautiful. Ben, Kevin, and I will try to take new pictures: the lights will be off, and the three guns will be on burning bright - the light will reflect off my glasses and hopefully light up the wall behind me. I also aim to do something that is awesome (and likely a bad idea...): over electricute some SiO2 (glass) so that the trapped electrons eject in a spray of lightning (in a vacuum mind you)! It's going to be hard to get permission to do it though - but worth the effort. Go ahead, check out the schools MEMS lab webpage. We hope to fix that.