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What is left for us?

I have begun watching From the Earth to the Moon from the beginning. Having just finished Part 1, I am left with a lingering, aching question:

What will our generation accomplish?

We were given legends of Apollo and the Manhattan Project. We study the great breakthroughs of previous scientists, treating DNA, QED, and PNP [transistors] like old hat. The internet is rapidly maturing, and already its child 2.0 is beginning to crawl. Quantum computers will be hitting the market in less than a few years. Robots can dance. The economy is already defying even the idea of predictable modeling. We no longer need oil technologically. Entire strains of disease have already been eradicated from the planet. EDIT: Powered exoskeleton prototypes are public.

We were promised miracles as a child, and we got them - some within our own, short lives. But where does that leave us: is there anything left but to fill in the gaps in the map of concept-space our predecessors made?

Mars, weather control, fusion, cloning, space elevators, plentiful food, even flying cars. Our work is not just derivative, it's merely the next step of work already in progress.

Certainly there's something big and new to look forward to that isn't just the world crashing to a halt...