hcidivision17 (hcidivision17) wrote,

A day of action!

Yesterday, I beat Psychonauts. The game is incredibly witty, and occasionally made me laugh from the sheer fun of the scenarios it set up. Immensely creative, wonderfully psychotic, and sometimes even challenging, I must recommend that everyone play it. The final few levels disappointed me from the difficulty of doing the timed jumping puzzles (I sometimes forget it is a platformer of a sort), but the ending credits are great, and the player is treated to view possibly the most awesome airplane ever. The game never forgets that the main character is only 10, and the entire world is wondrously winsome as a result.

For now, I need to finish a report for work that is surprisingly long, and will in no way be done by the deadline. I also need to learn and produce a CFD analysis by next Monday, and I am rapidly falling behind in my school work. I've never really been this stressed out so constantly (seriously - it's true), and I am once again rethinking staying in grad school. I only ever feel like I can take it on during the upswings from being a bit depressed - and given the nature of mania I really ought to feel like I can defeat the world, not merely survive. Ipso facto I am doing this wrong...

So later today I will see if my school loans shall be deferred. If not, I bail out of school immediately, taking the fail grades, and get a real job. If that can even be accomplish in a months time. If the loans work out, the same may happen anyhow, but without such urgency; I did after all drop a class, lowering my hours to 7 credit hours. Heck, I may get my masters, and if the MicroAcademy PhD takes off here, I'll even stay for that. But I gotta be sure I'll survive school without becoming a mindless drone.

I now know exactly what Mark Twain meant when he said "Never let your education get in the way of your learning." Be warned about grad school in this respect.
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