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My first super-villainous thought

We all come up with evil plans occasionally, but in the car today I had my first truly villianous idea. I'm not sure what got into me, but I thought of a plan to build large turbines that could be used in deep ocean currents. They would be an excellent alternative energy source, using the vast resevior of dynamic energy in the water as a cheap and effective way to power large coastal cities, and even inland ones if the power grid will support it.

The plan is to spread the use of these, with the full knowledge and intent that I will be heralded as a hero and the ocean currents will be destabilized, bringing chaos to the fishing markets. Sea life will dwindle as their migration routes fail to keep up with the changes. Excess power from one station will be used to further drive far away stations, while no logs of these power transfers will be kept. That'll keep the scientists guessing, and all the while I will be lobbying to install more.

There is a certain joyous anger behind the plan, and it would have a disastrous irony in it as well. I fear many have beaten me to the punch, though (so to speak).



you know,

the basic turbine concept is a splendid idea, but then you went a little nutty.....>>

Re: you know,

It's actually not a good idea - I was solely interested in the feeling behind the thought, where the mad ideas come from. The energy needed to actually shift the ocean currents would be unbelievably high. There is the chance that the system has a few chaotic equilibrium points, but that's also immensely difficult to calculate - if we ever figured it out we might as well take control of the weather.

And that's hardly original.