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Did I mention that I beat Portal?

:) :) :) :0 :) :D

So a few things of importance:
It's a subtle game. It's strikingly like Uru in that you need to pay close attention to the details just lying around to get the plot, and it is surprisingly deep in its implications. Did you notice Subject 42?
The developer commentary is rather interesting, as it shows haw much effort goes into designing these games.
Portal is fun. And for some reason I keep thinking that GLaDOS is the cause of this old(er) immensely popular game, despite the lack of cross-universe continuity. Man I wish I had spoiler tags here.

Oh, and the buttons are serious Buttons of Science. I mean gawd.


Prolonged exposure to the Aperture Science 1500 Megawatt Super Colliding Super Button is not a part of this experiment. Please move along.
I'd like to add that I did the obligatory "The cake is a lie."x4 on the glass in here, as well as rotating desktop images of the nice workplace slogan style images here (using the 'customize desktop' option and some html hackery, since I can't install stuff on the computer).
Look at me, still talking when there's Science to do.