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Augustine beginnings

While playing/working in the lab, we decided to finally try piranha clean on the e-beam's bell jar portholes. It didn't seem to work, and since we hadn't heated it, we figured a hot plate would help. We set it to 8 or nine. So we poured boiling 5 parts H2O2 and 1 part sulfuric acid on the glass. No apparent effect. The other guy tried to swish it with a wipe. . . Turns out piranha clean sets organic stuff on fire. I'm reading slashdot while the solution soaks and I hear a yelp coming from behind, and there's a half charred wipe in the sink. We dropped a little pice directly into the boiling beaker - it burned, then dissolved (nice caramelo color...) Too bad I forgot the bug I vacuumed earlier.

I also plan to reinstate one of my old philosophies toward life soon. I think my emotional complex has been recalibrated enough that I can decide what mood I want. There is definitely truth to the statement that some people like to be sad/depressed - it makes reality hurt less. The neural chemical dump is almost as powerful as happiness, but can be upheld for a longer period. It makes life somewhat monochromatic, but at the same time the added simplicity is nice. I find I tend to enjoy angst/depression - "it's the only place where I can see a clear path." If I pull this off, I'm gonna be happy (ignoring the crushing "loneliness"/inferiority complex/OC sleep deprivation/guilt for multitudes of little faults/etc.)!

That, or being idle makes me sad. I've been very busy as of late. This calls for analysis!