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Somehow, I have to convince the NSF that I'm superman

Applying for fellowship grants is a huge monstrous amount of work. The project I'm working on is so ambitious I'm sure a panel would realize it would take a team of research students to get this thing designed. Even as I try to describe it, I can't figure out where my research ends and the product begins.

I'm so screwed.


Have you considered exposing yourself to a massive dose of radiation in order to develop some sort of super power? :p
Interestingly, I found out that if you spend a lot of time in the X-Ray labs, men will only have girl kids. Why? Because the Y chromosome breaks down somewhat more easily than the X, and so men in high energy radiation research have a strong tendency to only have female children, even if they are cautious. Kinda like how laser physicists will eventually be blind and musicians go deaf.

Now you know!
That's like a super power. I mean, women are clearly superior...
I feel like we've crossed a line here.
It'd make for a great lame pickup line, I'd bet.
Just let them shoot you in the eyeball. If the bullet bounces off, they HAVE to grant you funding.
There is nothing wrong with this plan.