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On abstraction modules/units/layers/devices(not systems!)/bullcrap/subsystems

So I had a 'brainstorming' session today at work. The quotes are to assure you that little brainstorming happened, and just a lot of hacking at the problem. Ideo it was not.

But I got one thing done: I forced the abstraction layers to be hashed out. It took almost two hours, but I finally got them to stop being all "it's a module, not a subsystem". Man that ticked me off. All you CS guys: don't ever apply object oriented techniques to real things, people just get confused and think you're jargonizing the problem.

I had to do it: my project's design philosophy is object oriented ideal personified. Seriously. Now imagine trying to make such a project without knowing the layers of abstraction. Let me point out that you would also be designing and affecting said abstractions - though the dependence tree has not been built. But it's on a need-to-know basis, wherein you don't need to know.

The correct answer is: you lose the game.