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Why it is important to type '/leave 2'

WoW users:
"if i need something later let me know"
Said after I failed to give away an enchant. I'm not sure he knew I was an enchanter... Somehow. I can't help but feel I just didn't try hard enough.
[2. Trade][Someguy'sname]: Ne1 else getting invited to groups to be asked how to lvl?
This is off topic for trade, and it has no context for it to make sense anyhow.
[2. Trade][MrDorkFaceIHateHim]:LF3M to run SH
Blizzard built a rather impressive group finder in WoW. It's so effective a level 60 who didn't know where the instance was could help me out in it. This guy decided to ask the merchants. He then proceeded to spam the channel with a guild recruitment request. Also off topic.
Three minutes later, the "Trade" channel degenerates to people telling him to shut up, and him calling everyone else a noob.

After five minutes they're still going strong.

Frequently correct grammar and spelling, generally very polite, and they capitalize first letters of sentences and proper nouns. And the loudest are not the most retarded.

Oh, and do rabbits make good pets?


Tiffany has a rabbit... she loves it to death, but it's kinda freaky to me. It always feels like it's staring at me with those big marble eyes, waiting to eat my soul. Heh.

You should get an exotic pet! Like a Macaw, or a tarantula!

But yeah. Guinea pigs are awesome! And rabbits are cute.